In the cash register settings, go to the “pos” section, then “Cash register management” to activate the “manage cash register” option.

Comment utiliser la gestion de caisse

What are the options?

Manage cash register: Activate cash register management for cash counting.

Amount : Fixed or Variable

  • Fixed: you define a fixed cash float, and the system will calculate the bank discount at closing to always arrive at the encoded amount, allowing you to open with the same cash float amount.
  • Variable: Does not fix the cash float amount. No obligation to deposit money in the bank at the end of the day, and allows you to have a different amount for each opening.
  • Email Report: Email address for sending count reports


On launch, if the cash register has not been opened by another user, the following window will appear

Comment utiliser la gestion de caisse avec Restomax?

You will then eventually need to count your cash register by banknote/coin breakdown.

Once the count is complete, click on “Open cash register”.

Movement during the day

At any time in the X report, you can see how the fund is progressing:

Utiliser la gestion de caisse pour les mouvements pendant la journée
You can make checkout and check-in entries in “Other actions”.
Les entrées et sorties de caisses avec Restomax
Gestion des mouvements de la journée avec Restomax
La gestion de caisse Restomax


Clôture de caisse avec la gestion de caisse Restomax
  • Opening balance: Amount on opening of cash register.
  • Theoretical balance: Balance that should be in the cash register based on actual cash receipts.
  • Variance: Difference between what the user counts and the theoretical balance.
  • Closing balance: Amount counted by the user at closing.
  • Bank deposit: Amount you have banked (in red, the amount you must deposit to reach the fixed amount if this mode has been selected).

To make a deposit, click on the “Deposit” button at the top.

*If there is a cash difference, a comment is mandatory.

Gestion de caisse, la différence de caisse
Gestion de caisse, commentaire sur la différence de caisse

*Please note that all theoretical balance information, etc., is only shown if the store option is activated:

Gestion de caisse, la solde théorique

*To do this, go to Settings->Store and activate Cashmanagement.

Le cashmanagement avec la gestion de caisse
Obtenez une démo et un devis gratuit pour votre caisse enregistreuse


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