a comprehensive ecosystem for complete management of your gourmet restaurant

The RESTOMAX cash register for gourmet restaurants is a powerful tool that lets you manage your business with ease. Thanks to its comprehensive ecosystem, it helps you concentrate fully on your core business, without worrying about the technical management of your restaurant.

The gourmet restaurant cash register software gives you access to a multitude of functions:

  • Order taking at the table and for the various services,
  • Suggestions and supplements,
  • seating plans,
  • table management,
  • etc.

It allows you to optimize the operation of your restaurant, and saves you considerable time. For instance, it helps you process orders more quickly, and better organize the different services at a table. As a result, your productivity rises to new heights.

A modern cash register for your gourmet restaurant

To help you stand out from the competition, we’ve opted for a modern, scalable cash register system. Incorporating ultra-advanced functionalities, our software enables you to offer a modern, high-quality service. The constant evolution of our solutions will keep you in step with technological advances.

The RESTOMAX cash register also features an intuitive, user-friendly interface, giving you quick access to all the parameters you require for successful operation.

Its simplicity of use will speed up your checkouts and table management, while its ultra-modular configuration will support you as your business evolves.

In a nutshell

Intuitive, ergonomic and comprehensive, the RESTOMAX cash register for gourmet restaurants is the ideal solution for optimizing the management of your establishment. Contact us now for a free demo or quote.

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